Redington Returners


“We need to be relentless in our pursuit of cognitive diversity as we grow, in order to ensure we can continue to think differently, innovate, adapt and disrupt."  
Mitesh Sheth, CEO  

A lot of firms are striving to improve gender diversity, particularly at more senior levels of their organisation. We believe this is a "pipeline problem" and have partnered with The Return Hub to identify, select and support people coming back to work after a career break through a return-to-work internship. 

In our inaugural return-to work-program, we are working with 5 women from different backgrounds and different career experiences. They have joined different teams at Redington on a 10 week internship - working, learning and contributing - to ease the transition, having taken between 3-10 years out of the City.

During their time, our ‘returners’, mentors, managers and other people across the business, have documented their expectations vs. reality of #RedingtonReturners.          

“Many successful City women want to go back to work, and there is a huge market for them there – we are the link”  
Dominie Moss, Founder, The Return Hub

Maintaining a diverse workforce is a critical challenge for all employers, read on to get our reflections on the journey... 

Their Redington Journey

Each returner has a unique story. Check out their highs, lows, lessons learnt and reflections.


Jake Barker.pngJake Barker




Joanna David.pngJoanna David





Sophie Weightman.pngSophie





Talenta Bodemeh.png

Talenta Bodemeh




2017 Returners

Katie Nyemecz.png

Katie Nyemecz

The work handbag has been dusted down and refilled (hairbrush, lippy, packet of sweets for sugar lows – all the important things). The shoes have been polished, feet to be squeezed in tomorrow after too much Converse wearing (key element of the mum uniform). Outfit has nearly been chosen. And I will be off. Back to work after an 18 month break.

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Lee Georgs.pngLee Georgs 
I grew up in Princeton, New Jersey in the 1970s and 80s, the daughter of two PhDs who attended graduate school in Washington, D.C. during the Vietnam war.  My parents were participants in anti-war protests when they weren’t in the library researching and writing their doctoral theses.

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Bridget Fuller.jpgBridget Fuller 
Towards the end of 2003 I left a successful investment consultancy for maternity leave. All quite straightforward, all unremarkable. I headed a Manager Research team of 15 full time dedicated researchers of UK and European domiciled products.

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Marjorie Lyons.pngMarjorie Lyons 

With my first week done, I can say it is good to be back. Despite my 14-month-old’s heart-breaking tears when I say goodbye in the morning, I am happy to be engaging the analytical part of my mind again. The women that Redington has assembled for the returnship program are quite impressive.

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Kelly McEvoy.pngKelly McEvoy 

I am passionate about mentoring, championing and empowering women of all ages and have an insatiable appetite for travel.





Redington's Experience

Managers share how the #RedingtonReturners have impacted Redington's business.


Karen Heaven.pngKaren Heaven

Prior to Kelly joining Redington, I had some misgivings about a “Returner” joining the Investment Consulting team, despite being very supportive of the "return to work" program and having been involved in the Returner recruitment process.

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Pete Drewienkiewicz.pngPete Drewienkiewicz

I’ll admit, when I was first approached about the concept of taking on a “returner”, I can remember harbouring doubts. I was concerned about the practicalities of taking on experienced hires (albeit often experienced in different fields)...

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Dan Mikulskis.pngDan Mikulskis

When we were interviewing for the program we met some incredibly capable individuals. But while they had skills and experience we thought the business could benefit from, we didn't always have defined existing role vacancies.



Mitesh Sheth.pngMitesh Sheth

As an industry we all know we have a challenge to create a truly diverse workforce. Diversity is not a one dimensional challenge. It’s not just about having more women, or a workforce that looks more like our society. 

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