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"Our returners offered much more than gender diversity. Having people come back to work after a period out
brings a different, rounded and mature perspective to a young business like ours. All our returners continue
to have a tremendous impact on our firm across many dimensions."

—Mitesh Sheth, CEO

Meet our #RedingtonReturners:


Jake Barker.png

Jake Barker

After seven years in the British Army, I’ve made the transition to work in Project Management and Information Security within Financial Services. I’m the first ex-military returner at Redington and the returnship programme has been a great way of managing my transition from being an Infantry Officer to working for an innovative investment consultancy in the City.

I’ve manged people, projects, and relationships around the globe, often in challenging or even hostile environments. I’m pleased to report that the culture at Redington is fortunately a lot more friendly, but I have found my wealth of military skills are being put to good use.


Joanna David.png

Joanna David

Having spent a summer interning at Citigroup I found my passion for Emerging Markets in which I started my career in Fixed Income Sales at Barclays before embarking on a challenge to develop the Emerging Markets business at BNP Paribas in 2012. Having seen the business grow and rise up the ranks in client surveys, I realised that I no longer felt the enthusiasm and drive that I once felt and decided it was time to take a turn in my career. Having always had the desire to learn I felt there was no time like the present and embarked on an MSc in Middle East Politics at the School of Oriental and African Studies from which I graduated in December 2015.

My graduation coincided with being pregnant with my first child and I felt it was a good time to take a career break both to spend time with my son as well as re-assess my future career path. In mid-2017 as I started to re-engage with the job market I realised that whereas using my skills was going to be a part of any new opportunity I also felt very strongly about getting into a field that somehow made a difference to society and Redington ticked all the boxes. 


Sophie Weightman.png


Having grown up in Sweden and then be uprooted to move to Japan was the best thing my parents could have done for me. Suddenly my mindset had changed and I knew I wanted to  go out in the world to explore different opportunities. I settled as a relationship manager at 3 different investment banks spanning over 10 years.  I thought it was impossible to change career at this stage of my life, however a career break, 2 children and a masters degree later, I landed at Redington as a returner doing Learning and Development.  



Talenta Bodemeh.png

Talenta Bodemeh

I have worked in financial services for over 20 years, in the last 10 years my roles have predominately been in asset management ranging from Head of Front Office Support, to Head of Relationship Management. During my 5-year career break , as well as pursuing other interests, and traveling extensively,  I become a transformational coach. I am the mother to an avid artist, writer and philanthropist my 9-year-old son certainly keeps me on my toes.






Bridget Fuller.jpg

Bridget Fuller

I started my career 1989 at Citicorp running a long/short Japanese equity derivative hedge fund before moving to the Japanese equity team at JP Morgan in 1996. In search of a better work life balance I moved to Mercer in 1998 and became the head of Manager Research for Europe in 2000.

I really enjoyed the work and the people, but in 2003 when my daughter was born I decided to take a career break. Although I continued to monitor the markets I didn’t end up going back to work, until now. When the opportunity of the returnship at Redington arose, it provided a great chance to bring me fully up to date with the industry.


Katie Nyemecz.png

Katie Nyemecz

Mum, wife, fitness fan, finance professional, and now Returner. Spent most of my career in Investment Management, in product development and project management, before deciding to have some time out.

During that break, travelled the world as a family for 6 months experiencing the New England Fall, beaches of Hawaii and life on the road in New Zealand and Australia. My two young girls’ independent personalities are reflected in their fancy dress choice - Spiderman vs. Elsa. I have always believed I could be, or achieve, anything; my job now is that they go out into the world with the same attitude.


Kelly McEvoy.png

Kelly McEvoy

I am a half Persian born and bred Londoner and spent 12 years as a bond trader at RBS. In 2013 I had my daughter, Mahla. Two years later I had my son, Kit, and I was made redundant. I viewed this as an exciting opportunity to leave banking and reinvent myself with the aim of finding a company that would truly embrace diversity and allow me to ‘have it all’. A career AND a family.

I am passionate about mentoring, championing and empowering women of all ages and have an insatiable appetite for travel.


Lee Georgs.png

Lee Georgs

After more than ten years in private wealth management at Citibank and J.P. Morgan Chase in New York, I gave up my career when my husband’s job took us, along with our two-year old son, to Hong Kong. After the arrival of a second son in Hong Kong, I returned to the workforce in consulting, starting the day Lehman folded. Several years later, with the arrival of a third son and another global relocation on the horizon, I resigned yet again, this time to move our family to London. Not easily deterred from having a career, I joined the Credit Suisse returnship program in London where I spent two years contracting as a Project Manager in Merger & Acquisition integration.

After two years at Credit Suisse, my entire division was eliminated and I found myself on my third break, this time not of my choosing.  I spent a year enjoying my children and being a full-time mom for what I hoped would be the last time. I am incredibly fortunate to have been part of not one, but two returnships, having joined Redington’s program in January of this year.


Marjorie Lyons.png

Marjorie Lyons

I began my career in 1998 in investment banking. Since then, I have worked in financial services in San Francisco, Boston and London in roles ranging from investment management to disputes and investigations consulting. I have three boys, ages 1, 3 & 5 years old. After having my first child, I returned to work for a year until having my second child. Instead of returning to work after my second maternity leave, my family and I relocated abroad due to my husband’s overseas posting. Upon returning to the UK and after having my third child, I decided to return to work. And here I am.