We are looking for bright graduates and undergraduates seeking a career in investment consulting and strategy. 

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We recruit graduates and interns across all three client areas of our business.

  • Investment Consulting
  • Asset & Liability Management
  • Manager Research

Quick Peek at Redington


Graduate Opportunities

Our programme challenges you right from day one. It all starts with an intensive induction process to get you up to speed with who we are, the terminology we use, the solutions we provide and the systems and tools that we use. You will also have a buddy who will help you settle in.

You will then work alongside experienced senior professionals on tasks, projects and research to contribute to client solutions.

Practical on the job learning is supported with the opportunity to partake in knowledge sharing sessions, industry seminars and workshops, as well as studying for professional qualifications. You will also get exposure to other clients areas in order to broaden your skill set.

Proven ability is rewarded with rapid career and salary progression.

You will join as a permanent employee, starting in September.  


What We Look For

During the initial application stage we are ideally seeking;

Investment Consulting – You will need to have or be on course for a 2:1 in any discipline and be comfortable working with numbers.

Asset & Liability Management – You will need to have or be on course for a 2:1 any science, technology, engineering, maths disciplines with a Maths ‘A’ Level (or equivalent).

Manager Research TeamYou will need to have or be on course for a 2:1 in any discipline and be comfortable working with numbers.

We also look for evidence of achievements, commitment to learning and strong written communication skills.  

Graduate Testimonials

Aaron Kok, Graduate Actuarial Science and Post Graduate Actuarial Management – Joined Asset & Liability Management in 2014 Aaron_Kok.jpg

"Working at Redington has provided me with great insight into the investment industry. For the past one and a half year, I have had the opportunities to work on projects for some of the UK’s largest pension funds and private wealth funds. Working with industry experts and attending conferences have broadened my market knowledge and enhanced my technical skills. At Redington, we are encouraged to challenge the status quo and to continuously improve the way we do things. People are very friendly, supportive and approachable. I'm surprised by how open people are to new ideas and willing to listen to opinions from new graduates and interns.

Aside from day-to-day work, I have participated in table tennis tournaments organised by asset managers. I am also involved in RedSTART which provides financial education to young people. My goal is to qualify as an actuary and studies are sponsored by the company.

Overall, my time at Redington has been challenging, yet exciting and fulfilling.”

Keir Macdonald, Classics Graduate – Joined Manager Research in 2014 


“At Redington you get the best bits of working for a company that is one of the most respected in its field, as well as one that is still small enough to allow you to take on responsibility early on and work alongside industry experts from day one.

The learning curve is steep, and much of it is on-the-job, but the support you get from the rest of the company is great.

There are so many opportunities – so many clients and research projects, and the chance to get involved in RedSTART, Redington’s very own financial education charity. In RedSTART, as with everything else in Redington, if you want to take on responsibility and help to run the charity, you can.” 

Tom Pilcher, Economics & Accounting Graduate - Joined Investment Consulting in 2014 Tom_Pilcher_3.jpg

“Working at Redington for the past 15 months has been very intense and very exciting. Right from the start I have been on the front-line building personal relationships, taking control of client deliverables and doing external presentations. I have really valued the amount of responsibility that has been handed to me so early on. Although I have regularly felt out of my depth, the team are so helpful and approachable and support is there when I need it.

Aside from day-to-day client work, I am involved in several other projects and initiatives which makes for good variety! For example, I am involved in RedSTART, a financial education initiative aimed at educating young people to save, invest and give back to the community. I also write blogs, articles and the like, outlining some of Redington’s newest, cutting-edge ideas. Finally, there are loads of sporting opportunities at Redington – I participate in regular football, cricket and running events.”


Summer Internship Opportunities

Every year we run a 6 week internship through July and August. The programme gives you valuable real world experience whilst you are still a student. It is a great opportunity for you to get a taste for what we do, help you decide your future career path whilst helping us with some practical tasks, projects and research. You will be contributing to client solutions.

Prior to starting with us, you will be invited to a welcome event which provides the opportunity to meet your colleagues. You will also be briefed on the area you will be working in.

Proven ability will be rewarded with an invitation to join us for a further internship or a place on our graduate and new joiner scheme.

You will join as an intern for 6 weeks starting in July.  

What We Look For

During the initial application stage we are seeking ideally undergraduates in year one or two of their studies in any discipline for Investment Consulting and Manager Research. For Asset Liability Management, we look for STEM subjects.

Evidence of achievements, commitment to learning and great written communication skills are also commendable.

What it's like to be an Intern at Redington



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