A big thank you to everyone who was able to attend!

Last year we received some great feedback. But one comment stood out:

"... it would be nice to have something to take away and focus on for the year ahead."

With this in mind...

We designed the 'So What Now..?' video series. It's a series of short interviews with the authors of Asset Class designed to bring the articles to life. Go deeper, learn more and we hope make a difference.

Sound interesting? To find out more from Head of Investment Consulting David Bennett, click here.

As promised here are the presentations:

  1. Begin with the End in Mind 1 [Video] - Robert Gardner
  2. The Evolution of Equity Alpha [Prezi] [PDF] [Video] - Nick Samuels

  3. Through the Eyes of a Boutique Credit Manager [Prezi] [PDF] [VideoPete Drewienkiewicz

  4. ESG Through a Risk Lens [Prezi] [PDF] [Video] – Honor Fell

  5. DC Re-Imagined [Prezi] [PDF] [Video]– Lydia Fearn

  6. Post Retirement Fund Design [Prezi] [PDF] [Video] – Chris Ralph (St. James’s Place) 

  7. Begin with the End in Mind 2 [Video] - Robert Gardner

  8. De-Risking: The Surprising Truth [Prezi] [PDF] [Video] – Dan Mikulskis

  9. Why Your Objectives May Require Leverage [Prezi] [PDF] [Video] – Philip Rose

  10. Why, When & How to Hedge Longevity [Prezi] [PDF] [Video] – Neha Bhargava

  11. Make a Splash with Your Cash [Prezi] [PDF] [Video] – Mette Hansen

  12. A Case Study [TBC] – Allan Whalley (Smiths)

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Robert GardnerHonor FellDan MikulskisThe Redington Chevron 

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Bring your Asset Class to life with this video series.  

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